The Chemistry of Hydrocarbon Fuel Combustion

book_Chemistry_smThis book was written to bring together under one cover a detailed look at the chemistry (and some physics) of combustion of hydrocarbon fuels that will satisfy experts in the field, and at the same time allow the less prepared student to understand the basic principles involved.

It begins with a basic discussion of atomic structure and the periodic table. Aliphatic and aromatic compounds that make up hydrocarbon fuels are described. A chapter is devoted to the atmosphere that contains the oxidizer in the combustion reaction.

The combustion reaction, reactants and weight ratios calculations are presented in detail. This leads to introduction of excess air and exhaust gas recirculation. An explanation is given of how to use emissions measurements to carry out these calculations. Heats of combustion are included for several fuels and a large number of specific compounds.

A higher level discussion of homogeneous chemical equilibria is presented which is important in understanding the formation of nitrogen oxide compounds. First and second order kinetics equations are derived and calculations are presented to show the effect of changing combustion reaction rates for aliphatic and aromatic portions of fuel.

A method of predicting temperatures in the combustion chamber of a reciprocating engine piston chamber from measurements of emissions in engine exhausts was derived from fundamental thermodynamics. Techniques for carrying out these calculations in a Microsoft® Excel® workbook are presented.

The mechanism of combustion catalysis is presented in quantum chemistry terms. This explains how heated atoms release energy via emission spectra and promote more complete combustion and reduced emissions.

Hardcover, 6 x 9, 220 pages
ISBN 978-0-9821108-1-2


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CombustionReactions_workbook_squarecoverCombustion Reaction Calculations
EXCEL WORKBOOK for The Chemistry of Hydrocarbon Fuel Combustion

This Excel workbook contains formulas and tables set up to carry out calculations described in Chapter 14 of the book. This Excel workbook is included when the book is purchased over the website.

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EXCEL WORKBOOK for The Chemistry of Hydrocarbon Fuel Combustion
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