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U.S. Energy Independence - A Plan for Energy Independence by 2020

Copyright © 2008 by SFA International, Inc.

Library of Congress Control No. 2008 933287

ISBN 978-0-615-22327-8

Published in the United States of America by SFA International, Inc.

This book may be purchased on the SFA International, Inc. web site at Tamoxifen kaufen apotheke.  It is available at Barnes and Noble and other fine bookstores.

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U.S. Energy Independence Newsletter

Copyright © 2008 by SFA International, Inc.

Published in the United States of America by SFA International, Inc.

Turbomachinery International

Published in Norwalk, CT, USA.

Walter May was Fuels Editor from 1988 to 1994.  Copies of bi-monthly magazines published during this period are available from the publisher and the Library of Congress.

Technical Papers

Several of these papers are available on the SFA International, Inc. web site at Inderal la dosage for anxiety.  Others can be obtained by contacting Online pharmacy ireland viagra.  Papers followed by bold text references were referred publications.  Others were prepared for talks and technical unpublished presentations.

"Comments on the Structures of 1-2 Dichloroethane and of N2O2", W. N. Lipscomb, F. E. Wang, W. R. May and E. L. Lippert, Acta Chrystallographica, 14, 1100 (1961).

"Thermodynamics of Solution of Some Inner Complex Salts", M. M. Jones, J. L. Wood and W. R. May, J. Inorg. Nucl. Chem., 23, 305 (1961).

"Thermochemistry of Inner Complex Salts: Some Heats of Combustion and Bond Energies", M. M. Jones, Billy J. Yow and W. R. May, Inorganic Chemistry, 1, 166 (1962).

"The Stability Constants of Several Copper(II) Complexes with Aromatic Carboxylic Acids and Their Correlation with the Hammett Relationship", W. R. May and M. M. Jones, J. Inorg. Nucl. Chem., 24, 511 (1962).

"Adducts of Bis(2,4-Pentanediono)-Copper(II) with Pyridine Bases: Stability Constants and Heats of Reaction", W. R. May and M. M. Jones, J. Inorg Nucl. Chem., 25, 507 (1963).

"Hydration Behavior of Sodium Tripolyphosphate in Sodium Sulfate Slurries", W. R. May and R. B. Hudson, 1965. Monsanto Chemical Co., Inorganic Division.

"An Automatic Temperature-Rise Machine for Measuring Form-I Content in Sodium Tripolyphosphate", W. R. May and R. B. Hudson, Materials Research & Standards, 7, 53 (1967).

"The Stability of Several Iron(III)-Phenol Complexes", W. R. May, W. R. Matthew and L. Bsharah, I&EC Product Research and Development, 6, 185 (1967).

"Evaluation of Antioxidant Activity in Rubber by Differential Thermal Analysis", W. R. May, L. Bsharah and D. B. Merrifield, I&EC Product Research and Development, 8, 185 (1969).

"Oxidation of Styrene-Butadiene Rubber Catalyzed by Metallic Ions", I&EC Product Research and Development, W. R. May and L. Bsharah, 9, 73, (1970).

"Hydrocarbon Oxidation Reactions by High Pressure Differential Thermal Analysis", I&EC Product Research and Development ,W. R. May and L. Bsharah, 10, 66 (1971).

"High-Temperature Corrosion in Gas Turbines and Steam Boilers by Fuel Impurities", Published as a series in the following eight papers.

"I. Measurement of Nickel Alloy Corrosion Rate in Molten Salts by Linear Polarization Technique", W. R. May, M. J. Zetlmeisl, L. Bsharah and R. R. Annand, I&EC Product Research and Development, 11, 438 (1972). (SFA)

"II. The Sodium Sulfate-Magnesium Sulfate-Vanadium Pentoxide System", W. R. May, M. J. Zetlmeisl and L. B