The principles of Walter May and Associates have expertise in chemistry, engineering, financial and business areas related to the energy industry. This includes knowledge of alternate fuels, alternate energy sources, environmental and climate change issues.

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Walter R. May

Walter May holds a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry and over forty years industrial experience in the energy industry. He has published over forty papers, two chapters in reference books, inventor on 24 patents with several pending applications and author of two books on energy: “U.S. Energy Independence: A Plan for Energy Independence by 2020” and “The Chemistry of Hydrocarbon Fuel Combustion.”

Dr. May’s experience in the energy industry has been involved with additives used to modify ash and prevent corrosion caused by heavy metals in fuels, combustion catalysts, lubricity agents, anti-static agents and various other fuel treatment products. Equipment applications include combustion turbines, steam boilers, process heaters and spark-ignited and compression-ignited reciprocating engines. His expertise includes experience with liquid and gaseous hydrocarbon fuels and oxygenated fuels.

He has demonstrated ability to convert technical ideas and R&D concepts into successful businesses. He was co-founder of SFA Technologies, Inc. in 1980 which later became SFA International, Inc. The latter company has become Efficient Fuel Solutions, LLC through merger with two other companies.

For more information about Dr. May, please go to his resume and publications.